SNAP Pro Analyzer

SNAP Pro Analyzer

  • The SNAP Pro Analyzer automatically activates, times, and interprets your SNAP test results for you.
  • View interpreted results at a glance for quick, accurate health assessments and better staff efficiency.
  • Connect for the benefits of two-way integration: reduce missed charges and automatically include results in your patients’ medical records.

SNAP Pro – Test Menu

Infectious Disease Tests
  • SNAP 4Dx Plus
  • SNAP Heartworm RT
  • SNAP Giardia
  • SNAP Parvo
  • SNAP Lepto
  • SNAP Feline Triple
  • SNAP Feline FIV / FeLV Combo
Cardiac Test
  • SNAP Feline proBNP
Pancreatic Tests
  • SNAP cPL
  • SNAP fPL


Three easy steps:
  • Enter and/or select a patient
  • Prepare the test.
  • Insert the SNAP device