Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer

Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer

Advance Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer for veterinary use only and not for human. This vet chemistry analyzer is based on Dry slide Technology and no liquid reagents required for calibration or sample measurement.

Best Biochemistry Analyzer for Vets in India

Idexx Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer for Vet has feature of direct mode to select the species like canine, feline, equine, Bovine, avian, ferret, goat, lizard, llama, monkey, mouse, pig, rabbit, rat sea turtle, sheep, snake, tortoise etc.

This Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer has age specific reference ranges, able to measure more than 25 parameters like ALB, ALKP, ALT, AMYL, AST, BUN, Ca, CHOL, CK, CREA, GGT, GLU, LAC, LDH, LIPA,NH3, PHOS, TBIL, TP, TRIG, URIC, GLOB,UCRE,UPRO, Mg etc along with electrolyte parameters Na, K, Cl and Na/K in the same analyzer.

Catalyst One Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Idexx Catalyst One has feature of automatic dilution and Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio measurement.

This Vet Biochemistry Analyzer is ready to use single use slides for all individual chemistry as well as Multi parameters profile test also.

Idexx Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer in India

Catalyst One Analyzer accept Serum, Plasma and whole blood to measure all the above parameters and urine sample for some specific parameters as well, This biochesmistry analyzer for vets is able to measure more than 25 parameters simultaneously for one patient sample, to run the sample with chemical parameters, electrolytes, Total T4 etc.

Together for one patient sample, built in centrifuge for running the whole blood samples directly,

Catalyst One Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer integrated with the Laboratory Information Management System for operating the analyzer as well as patient information handling through it, almost maintenance free and ready to use US FDA/CE/ISO approved

Features of Idexx Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer

  • The IDEXX Catalyst One Vet Chemistry Analyzer has been specially designed to fit the needs of any veterinary practice
  • Fast and Accurate Results: Get fast results for most tests in only 8 minutes and total T4 in 15 minutes
  • Easy Workflow
  • Future-proof menu: 32 tests
  • IDEXX investment in research & development secures an always expanding test menu, that meets advanced diagnostic needs.
  • Advanced tests
  • Integrated Results : The IDEXX Catalyst One® can connect with your Practice Information Management System (PIMS) to integrate your practice information.