IDEXX VetLab – UA Analyzer

IDEXX VetLab – UA Analyzer

Idexx VetLab – UA Analyzer is a Veterinary Urine Analyzer for veterinary use only and not for human for species canine, feline and equine, based on Urine Strip Reflectance technology to measure all parameters: pH, LEU (leukocytes), PRO (protein), GLU (glucose), KET (ketones), UBG (urobilinogen), BIL (biliruben)

This best Urine Analyzer for Vets uses single test Urine Strip to measure all above parameters. This vet urine analyzer is very light weight and not more than 1 Kg with calibration strip for calibration of the analyzer on fix frequency.

This urine analyzer for veterinary is able to store  all consumables at normal room temperature and no refrigeration required, maintenance free and ready to use.

Idexx urine analyzer can be integrate with the Laboratory Information Management System (Optional) with in built Thermal printer to printout all parameters, LCD display for operating the analyzer CE/ISO approved.

Features of IDEXX VetLab – UA Analyzer

  • Automatically reads and captures strip results
  • Save time and eliminate errors with one-button operation and results inabout 80 seconds.
  • Automatically capture IDEXX UA Strip results and integrate with the atients’ medical records and invoices.
  • Improve results with consistent interpretation and color compensation for darkly colored samples.
  • Automate your work flow with the IDEXX VetLab Station

Test Menu

  • pH
  • LEU (leukocytes)
  • PRO (protein)
  • GLU (glucose)
  • KET (ketones)
  • UBG (urobilinogen)
  • BIL (biliruben)
  • BLD/HGB (blood/hemoglobin)