OPTI Medical System – USA: Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer

  • Fully automatic Portable as well as benchtop Analyzer Single use Cartridge based Analyzer,Ready to useAny time Anywhere
  • Latest Technology – Fluorescence and Reflectance Technology – absolutely maintenance free with long life optical sensors
  • Measured Parameters – pH, pCO2, pO2, tHb, sO2, Na+, K+, Ca+ Cl-, Glucose & Lactate with future upgradation facility.
  • Calculated Parameters – More than 15 derivatives e.g. HCO3-, ABE, TCO2, p50, AaDO2, Anion Gap, Hct, sO2 etc.
  • Automatic Sample Aspiration, Built in Thermal Printer & Rechargeable battery with 6-8 hours backup.
  • Longer shelf life of the Cartridges (6 to 12 months) & storage at room temperature